Meßmer Momentum, Hamburg

The founding of the East Friesian Tea Company (Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft OTG), as importer, producer and trading company led to a close relationship with Hamburg. In order to strengthen these ties with this German Hanseatic city and its tea trading tradition, a Flagshipstore was opened for the premium brand of “Messmer”.
The challenge here was to combine the relaxing, harmonious character of the product with the multiple facets of its brand name within the design.  Hafencity has been developed adjacent to Hamburg’s historic warehouse district, with its brick warehouses, in which wares from all over the world were once stored. Today, offices and exclusive residential living quarters, ensconced into spectacular architecture are the result. The Flagshipstore is on the Kaiserkai, with a view towards the impressive Elbphilharmonie.

Project data

Place: Am Kaiserkai 10, 20457 Hamburg
Builder: Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, Bosteler Feld 6, 21218 Seevetal
Planning + Construction time: 2008
Extension: 2016
Costs: 1.500.000 €
NGF: 640 m²
Photograph: Bernadette Grimmenstein

Architecture interprets Brand Names

Not only the position, but also the design of a building act together as a prestigious advertising rostrum. Two entrances lead into the restaurant, as well as the tea museum. An imposing view over Hafencity, in the form of an outer terrace with seating is at the back. In two so-called tea-tasting rooms visitors are able to experience firsthand how new tea varieties are developed.
The Messmer Momentum, conceived as an abode of peace and relaxation, acts as a direct contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you can relax with a cup of tea, and take time and leisure to re-think. Special areas, separated from one another, afford the necessary privacy required when enjoying tea and the atmosphere of ease and comfort encourage you to stay a while. The soft, indirect lighting, affording a harmonious atmosphere, contributes to this. The colours are mainly those of the Messmer logo, so that the company is immediately recognizable.

Attention to Detail Shapes the Overall Impression

A decisive part of successful planning lies in the transfer of the design concept into the small details. The overall concept demands that single solutions be discovered, which fit into the overall picture, but which also demonstrate a degree of individuality. If the planning details are successful, optical highlights ensue, which are noticeable at a second glance.
The Messmer Momentum reflects the product with individual facets. One aspect of this was in the colours. Navy blue and crimson are repeatedly used. Additionally, the depiction of lines and single details in gold.  After the number of visitors during the first years exceeded all expectations, the gastronomy area was extended in 2015. This Flagshipstore, home of this familiar product, is frequently to be seen in television and advertising campaigns.