Swimming Pool, Damp

As a seaside resort, Damp has two main attractions: it is a tourist centre, offering a fine choice of holiday entertainments, and a hospital, specializing in orthopedic surgery, endoprosthetics and rehabilitation.
The swimming pool complex, formerly a sub-tropical bathing paradise, required complete renovation, so that a brand new design concept and construction became necessary.  The new focus, “on the tracks of Baltic Sea Explorers”, a theme regionally in keeping with the area, was born.

Project data

Place: Seeuferweg 24, 24351 Damp
Builder: Kurbetriebe Damp GmbH, Auf der Höhe 16, 24351 Damp
Planning: 2012 – 2013 / 2016
Construction time: 2013 – 2014 / 2016
Costs: 13.750.000 €
Total Area: 6.984 m²
Photograph: rimpf Architektur

Regional Themes in a new context

The complex comprises three pools, two slides and sauna facilities, with the main pool adopting the form of the Baltic Sea. Attractions such as the rocky archipelagos of the north and the extensive Danish sandbanks have been recreated, where relaxation is the order of the day. A windswept tree, with the scent of pine wafting through the air and a high tech laser show depicting the northern lights by night are also just some of the features!
The different cubes forming part of the complex, are not only entertaining, but are interesting and educational. A highlight for visitors in the spa area, is in the form of saunas, built as Viking huts.

Spectacular Design with all the latest Equipment

A completely glazed façade, ensures maximum integration with the Baltic Sea itself. The installation of a Finnish channel in the “Baltic Sea” pool and a “Wiesbadener channel” in the outside stainless steel pool, thus raising the water table, enable bathers to look out directly on to the Baltic Sea.
The 98m long slide, with various effects, as well as the wide slide from the rocks into the pool are indispensable attractions of a modern pool complex. A high- speed turbo slide is to be added at a later date. The pool is equipped with the most modern water technology, with optimum energy saving, sanitary heating and ventilation systems. This, together with the overspill container is located below the pool complex.