Maternity Ward in the Nord Friesland Clinic, Husum

Childbirth deliveries in the Nord Friesland Clinic take place in Husum.  800 births yearly on the northwest coast, including all islands and halligs. This situation required re-thinking.

Project data

Place: Erichsenweg 16, 25813 Husum
Builder: Klinikum Nordfriesland, Erichsenweg 16, 25813 Husum
Planning: 2017 – 2018
Construction time: 2018 (5. month)
Costs: 2.200.000 €
Net Floor Area: 350 m2
Photograph: Hagen Stier

800 births annually on the north- west coast, including the islands and halligs

rimpf planning extended the maternity area in the Husum clinic, as well as incorporating a new operating theatre for caesarian surgery. A fourth delivery room was developed out of a former caesarian operating theatre, which was several decades old. The new operating theatre arose out of a former gynecological operation room, also decades old and no longer in use. As well as the new building project, new plans took into account modern regulations for maternity areas, hygiene standards, technical and daily working processes.

Modern domestic fittings to suit up to date standards of hygiene

The domestic appliances had been in use for over 30 years and no longer conformed to modern technical and hygienic standards. A complete refurbishment was necessary, from the drinking water system to electrical installations, in particular the wiring, insulation, earthing, lighting and new radiators throughout the maternity unit.
  • Entbindungsstation Husum
  • Entbindungsstation Husum
  • Entbindungsstation Husum

Modern Installation with up to date air quality

The air ventilation system had been in use for 39 years and was in need of technical refurbishment, affording an air quality to suit modern hygienic standards in the operating and adjacent rooms.
Entbindungsstation Husum Geburtstwanne
Entbindungsstation Husum Flur

Latest Technology and Equipment, affording an individual sense of well being

The existing delivery rooms, with their tiled walls and signs of diverse renovation attempts, were no longer up to date. Rimpf designed four new delivery rooms, suffused in light, equipped with the most modern technology and equipment, with an individual feel-good atmosphere. Following a short building period of only five months, a brand new maternity ward, with optimum working conditions was created.